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Boob Gift Set PPSU

The Joovy Boob Baby Bottle is the most innovative baby bottle on the market today.

We’ve hand picked the 23 essentials you’ll need to get started bottle feeding and included them in this Gift Set.  You’ll love the ease of use, simplicity and functionality of the Boob system including the nipple design, 1-piece, patented CleanFlow® Vent System, bottle and insulator. This Boob PPSU Gift Set includes:

(3) 9oz./260ml PPSU Bottles with stage 2 nipples
(1) 9oz./260ml Insulator
(3) 5 oz./160ml PPSU Bottles with stage 1 nipples
(1) 5oz./160ml Insulator
(2) Breast Pump Adapters
(3) Sealing Caps
(1) Stage 1 nipple
(1) Stage 2 nipple
(2) Stage 3 nipples
(2) Stage X nipples
(2) Stage 0 nipples
(1) Nipple Brush
(1) Bottle Brush

Give with love.

Boob Gift Set PPSU


Price: $129.99 

Also available as:

Boob Baby Bottle PP

"A cost effective choice without sacrificing quality."


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