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Boob Insulator

The innovative Boob Insulator is designed to keep liquids near their desired feeding temperatures longer.

The importance of feeding your baby at body temperature has been clinically proven.  A study from the Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University concluded that “…infants fed milk at cool temperatures will have significantly greater volumes of gastric residuals than infants fed milk at body temperature.”

Our insulators are made to fit precisely over the Boob Baby Bottles and are transparent so you can easily see how much liquid is in the bottle.  Parents who travel with frozen breast milk can use the Boob Insulator to keep milk frozen longer.  

The Insulator works with the nipple/collar installed, as well as the breast pump adapter or bottle cap.  Available in 2 sizes to fit 5oz and 9oz Boob Baby Bottles.

Boob Insulator


Price: $5.99 

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