Introducing the Joovy BoobTM Baby Bottle

What makes the Joovy BoobTM the best baby bottle on the market today?

Advanced Nipple Design

Shaped like mom to promote easy and natural "latching"

Easy transitioning from bottle-to-breast and breast-to-bottle.
Unique nipple is extra socg and designed to prevent nipple collapse.

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CleanFlowTM Vent

Simple to use, yet very high-tech for proper venting

Super Easy to Clean. 
More Sanitary.

Prevents vacuum to reduce
colic symptoms

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High Quality Feeding

Available in a choice of two materials - ultra-premium PPSU and high quality PP

Incredibly durable.
Dishwasher safe.

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Better temperature control

The Joovy BoobTM Insulator maintains consistent temperature

Keeps liquids at the desired temperature longer.
Freezer safe.

Protects milk longer

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Breast Pump

Fits most major brands

Works with sealing cap and insulator.

Pump directly into the bottle for storage or transport

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Cleaning made simple


We've made it really easy.

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